On September 26, Trident Lifeline will launch its IPO for Rs 35.34 billion, which would be listed on the BSE SME.

Each share is priced at Rs 101, with a face value of Rs 10, and a minimum lot size of 1,200 shares . The issue opens on September 26th and closes on September 29th, 2022 .

New Delhi, India, September 23 (PNN): Trident Lifeline is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in ethical marketing in the domestic as well as international market.It has announced a IPO of Rs 35.34 crores with each share priced at Rs 101, with a face value of Rs 10, and a minimum lot size of 1,200 shares.Beeline Capital Advisors Private Limited is the lead counsel for the issue, and Link Intime India Private Limited is the registrar for the issue.The issue opens on September 26th and closes on September 29th, 2022.

The IPO's main goal is: To meet working capital requirements; Product registration in the international markets; and, a general corporate goal; To pay public issue costs.Trident Lifeline's promoter, Chairman and Executive Director Hardik Jigishkumar, is the issue's promoter.He has 8 years of industry experience and decades of textile experience.Shravan Harikrishna Patel is the Managing Director of the Company.

He is responsible for the company's procurement operation.The Company's Whole Time Director is Mayurkumar Mansukhbhai Gajera.He has 3 years of experience in the field of pharmaceuticals.Maniya Hardik Desai is the Company's Non-Executive Director.

Aena Surana is an Independent Director of the Company.She has over a year of experience in the fields of content strategy and copywriting.Dhaval Vimal Shah is the Company's Independent Director.Trident Lifeline Limited has 5 years of experience in the hospitality industry.Its business activities include developing formulations for its own brands, using a loan licence system, and a contract manufacturing model.

It offers a wide variety of pharmaceutical formulations and products produced on contract manufacturing under loan agreement.It operates in India, as well as African, Latin American, and East Indian Countries.Its product categories include capsule, tablet, liquid ointment, gel, ice cream, mouthwash, paste, powder, suspension, toothpaste, syrup, and creams.Their market portfolio includes a wide variety of products, including antibacterial, anti-diarrheal, antifungal, antimalarial, antidiabetic, dental cure, proton pump inhibitor, anti-protozoal, antihistamines, antihypertensive drugs, anti-lipidemic, anti-parasitic, multivitamin, multimineral Nutraceutical, and Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS).

Its EBITDA for FY2022 was Rs 336.49 lakhs, up 15% from FY2021, according to a release by The Financial Times.As compared to Rs 63.23 lakh in FY2021, the PAT for FY2022 was Rs 227.32 lakhs.PNN has published this article and is not responsible in any way for the accuracy of the information contained in it.dout