ONDC looks model for a hyperlocal search engine

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is being tested in seven cities, including Coimbatore . The network is being tested in seven cities, and users can set default settings based on location or distance .

COIMBATORE: A kirana store owner unlocks the screen of his phone, installs a popular payment software, and looks for a product.On the screen, the items that are offered in his shop appear immediately.This is because we are so close to my store, he says.The search results would show his items on the screen if we did the same thing in another location where another shopkeeper is connected to the network.

Welcome to the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), the government's initiative to democratize retail and compete with Amazon, Flipkart, and other e-commerce giants, which is now being tested in seven cities, including Coimbatore.ONDC allows users to set the default setting than e-commerce apps, which determine who is the best seller for a customer.If you're trying to buy potato chips, the ones that are closest to your location will be the first.According to Kumar Vembhu, CEO of GoFrugal, one of the early adopters of the ONDC network who provides software to sellers, the customer can change the default settings, for example, to the best discount currently available, and then the results will be based on the best offers by a store, even if it is far away.

According to Vembhu, logistics partners who have registered to the network, including the seller, can also list their delivery charges for that particular item or distance, and the customer can then choose based on cost-effectiveness or quick delivery.Although sellers, payment, and logistics teams are still on-board during the pilot phase, the ONDC tab can be easily integrated into any device.Sellers that are part of the trial must be registered with the ONDC via a third-party seller program such as GoFrugal.On a visit to the ONDC-led Coimbatore store, Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal says that e-commerce platforms are restrictive and favor products of the platform developers' choice.

Although a full rollout is still several months away, the pilots are supposed to fix bugs in the platform, which includes Infosys chairman Nandan Nilekani as one of the key advisors.ONDC, according to Vembu, could be the first online service that can make viable 10-minute deliveries if set up properly.