One hashtag at a time, #IWearHandloom, #Vocal4Handmade, and #SareeTwitter are making desi textiles fashionable once more.

National Handloom Day is celebrated every year on August 7 . Smriti Irani launched a #IWearHandloom campaign in 2016 .

When former textile minister Smriti Irani posted her photo in a royal blue handwoven silk sari from Bihar in 2016 and launched a Twitter campaign, little did anyone know that #IWearHandloom would soon become a buzzword in textile and handloom revival and promotion.Due to the hashtag #IWearHandloom, National Handloom Day, which is celebrated every year on August 7, has become a national event on social media, with people wearing photos of their favorite handloom outfits.Weavers' and textile traditions from different parts of the region have also been the subject of this social media movement.In 2016, politicians, diplomats, and celebrities #wearhandloom The #IWearHandloom Twitter hashtag was followed by the #CottonIsCool campaign in 2017, with celebs, and even ministers and bureaucrats dressing up in cotton clothes.

At a time when fashion shows and events were primarily focused on textiles and indigenous craft, fashion designers used these hashtags to promote their collections and highlight weaves and textiles from different regions.Besides starting their own campaigns to promote handloom, even diplomats and foreign envoys have used these hashtags and others like #SareeTwitter.MaryKay Carlson, the then-charge dAffaires of the US Embassy, launched a sari campaign in 2015 with #SareeSearch and #WeWearCulture, and ran an online poll to help her pick the sari to wear on August 15.Harinder Sidhu, the former Australian High Commissioner, shared a snapshot of her mother's wedding trousseau wearing a saree on #SareeTwitter.

Handlooms gain insta stardom Fashion influencers have been experimenting with traditional drapes with a modern twist to please viewers.Masoom Minawala, a fashion blogger, entrepreneur, and investor, says, It gives me great pride to see Indian handlooms being adored in India and even internationally.Kompal Matta Kapoor, a digital content creator, has joined the list.I have seen handlooms become very popular with the increase of social media awareness, and I love supporting localhandmade hashtags.

With the hashtags #handloomlove #handloomsarees and #wearhandloom, digital content creator Tarini Shah says, I've seen a lot of different handloom saree inspiration posted online.