Only 11% of students request reevaluation.

22,300 requests for re-verification received from districts until Thursday evening . Students can pay 500 application fee per page to re-verify their answer sheets .

Vijayawada: Around 11% of students who failed SSC exams have requested that their answer sheets be re-checked.A total of 22,300 requests for re-verification were received from districts until Thursday evening, according to the official reports issued by the directorate of government examinations.A total of 4,14,281 students passed the tests with a score of 67.26 percent out of 6,15,908 students who took the tests, and a total of 2,01,627 students failed the tests.Seven students committed suicide and student unions staged state-wide demonstrations demanding that students receive grace marks and have the ability to take supplementary examinations for free.

Students can reverify their answer sheets by paying a 500 application fee per page.The students, on the other hand, did not respond well to the call for re-verification.Many students preferred appearing for supplementary examinations rather than reverification of answer sheets, according to Devananda Reddy, the head of government examinations.The process of re-verification is normal, according to her.

He added that 30% of students who sought re-verification had passed the tests and applied for higher scores.He said that only 2,500 students have applied for recounting of answer sheets, adding that education authorities who were chastised for insufficient evaluation process are now content with the insufficient response to the revaluation.In the evaluation of SSC exam answer sheets, certain criteria are followed.With Covid-19 and the online approach to learning, students had trouble attempting to sit for examinations.

Their allegations have been corroborated by the fact that only a handful of students have submitted their information for re-checking, according to K Ramulu, a member of the Teachers Federation of AP.