Open letter to the British High Commissioner: "Please don't hold our passports hostage."

We are being held hostage at your consulate in Delhi for the past ten weeks . Our passports were last seen in Delhi at the VFS office, where we reluctantly parted with them .

We are being held hostage at your consulate in Delhi for the past ten weeks, so here is a simple request to free our passports.Our passports were last seen in Delhi at the VFS office, where we reluctantly parted with them.Following this, we haven't heard anything.The embassy isn't open for inquiries, and the VFS is just a postbox.

In what circumstances is keeping a passport valid by any authority?In those cases where an offender is suspected of fleeing the national jurisdiction, criminal courts can request the surrender of passports.In most countries, people holding passports are illegal outside of a competent Court.Employers in some Gulf countries take away employees' passports.

You have held passports hostage for any discernible reason.After the pandemic, travel has become possible this year, especially in the United States.We've been waiting to get our passports back for the entire summer break, when the classes were gone.Those who want to travel abroad for the purpose of tourism should have chosen other pleasant destinations.0 Many plans have been made impossible after weeks of waiting for your decision.

We wonder why you would accept so many applications and pile up the passports in your embassy?Are you not able to count how many applications you can review in a day or a week?Are you not able to anticipate a tourist surge this summer that will require more hands on deck?We wonder why it takes so long to dispose of the applications.

Only rich Indians or Africans are allowed to obtain a travel visa.Anyone who is not wealthy is not permitted!This is the opposite of early colonial times, when England sent all second sons to India to earn their fortune.Rich Indians are coming to the United Kingdom this season to spend their own money; go shopping on Oxford street, gawk at the Kohinoor, and support your burgeoning economy.

We have already provided tiny details about our lives in 36-page forms; we'd have to really consider trying to recall all the countries we've visited in the last ten years!Letters from employers, bank statements, salary slips, and other documents are included in this list.No guesswork is necessary.Any Tom, Dick, or Harriet will look at the financial records and stamp the passport.

If we have already paid for their salaries by putting a whopping ten thousand rupees into each application, is it really colonialism?The middle 20th century was considered by all European nations to be your enemies or adversaries.Africa and Asia were your subjects, from where you earned your money, designed your statues and gardens, and purchased your rifles and tanks.You allow French and Germans to enter your country without a visa after the Wars and then force Indians to wait months for visas.

Belgium gives members of their colonies free access, as they assume they are citizens.But your view of the commonwealth does not extend to the right to enter the United Kingdom free of charge.On the same visa fee, the United States offers ten years of visa protection.However, you charge more for a longer term.

You also continued to rake in more forms and visa fees.Even after obtaining a visa, entering the UK is a tiring and humiliating experience.We are asked difficult questions based on bizarre cultural and political assumptions.When Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi left the United Kingdom after looting Indian banks, they are thought to have been asked questions.

They are however content to take some grants, some financial assistance in the name of friendship from you.We therefore have to represent ourselves.We ask you to return our passports and our money along with an apology.Former MP Rajyasabha Sameena Dalwai, professor of law, is on sincere thanks to Husain Dalwai.