Our success is cultivated using the 3E formula.

Pallavi Arora is excited about the increasing opportunities for women in this era of opportunity . She says women are the producers of our success .

By Pallavi AroraIn India, novel game-changers include: Diigitization and the hybrid work environment, bringing about a paradigm shift and bringing about a transition to a world where geographical boundaries do not restrict opportunities.I am excited about the increasing opportunities for women in this era of opportunity, with young women graduating with STEM degrees in record numbers.While this is a global phenomenon, India is one of the leading economies in the world, with women accounting for around 30% of the country's engineering output.To make this sector more equitable, we must do more.

With some self-realization, courage, and conviction, I believe we are the producers of our success.I like to think of it as the 3E model.The first is education.Set a target for yourself and work towards acquiring at least 1-2 new skills per quarter, if not a month.

Investing in knowledge and skill development continues to increase with experience, especially with years of experience.Exposure is the next most crucial aspect.Go beyond your comfort zone, take up short assignments, expand your network, and, most importantly, surround yourself with advisors, role models, and sponsors who can help you out when you aren't around, guide you in the right direction, and remind you why you started this journey when you're uncertain about your capabilities.Lastly, benefit from the ecosystem around you.

are all working on establishing schemes to recruit more women into the workforce and hold them there.Take steps to obtain these services.I think the opportunity to create a more just and equal world for women has never been greater.We must do this now to make a difference where it is needed the most.