Padmapriya: Female characters in Thekkan Thallu Case have never been seen before.

Padmapriya is co-starring Sreejith Ns directorial debut, Oru Thekkan Thallu Case . She talks about her time away from acting and her career .

Padmapriya has been praised for her influential roles in the film industry ever since her debut in Malayalam with the Mammotty film Kaazhcha in 2004.The actress, who received a Special Mention for Pazhassiraja and multiple State Awards, was then sent to New York University for a postgraduation in public policy.Based in Delhi with her partner, Jasmine Shah, who is a member of the Aam Aadmi Party, she discusses her time away, co-starring Sreejith Ns' directorial debut, Oru Thekkan Thallu Case, the WCCs, and more.After a break, you're back.

When I decided to attend New York University, I was at the peak of my career.I had always been curious and invested my time in public policy, and I wanted to better understand the world around me and the people around me.When I was young, I had the urge to do things in life.I learned of other actors, like Natalie Portman, who went to study psychology after winning an Academy Award.

I also did part-time internships at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and I found that I needed that variety and experience because I had lost a sense of direction of what I was doing and why.I had been acting for eight years, and although I loved working with some of the best filmmakers on some of the best stories narrated at the time and receiving critical awards, there was also a great deal of disillusionment and excitement.I wasnt sure why I should say yes to a particular film.However, as an actor, musician, and theater artist, cinema and the arts have always been my primary passion.

I returned to a think tank and also worked with the Kerala government finance department for two years in collaboration with the latter.I didnt want to work in cinema then.But out of nowhere, Chef happened to be with Saif Ali Khan, which I did more because I am a huge fan of him.From 2017, I was facing a big health problem.

During this period, I worked with a non-profit organisation devoted to visual arts and history, and I reconnected with the art world.I decided to do films again about a year and a half ago.Tell us about your involvement in the Malayalam film.The script, which was adapted from a short story, was very interesting to me.

It was established in a small village in the 1980s.My character is Rukmini and is married to Biju Menons Amminipilla.She lives her entire life around him, and she is a determined, vivacious woman.She reminds me of women in the 1980s, like my grandmother, who may be housewives, but were also assertive.

It is unlike anything I have seen on a western screen.The plot of the film revolves around extreme care and concern for each other, which is reflected in the film's imagery.You have been at the forefront of a number of WCC contests.Do you know what's going on with the Hema Committee study?

Almost anything requires a lot of preparation.We had filed a PIL for the ICC, but it took five years of intense, hard work to get it in place.The WCC is also about providing a safe and equal environment for people in cinema.There have been many initiatives and campaigns focusing on helping survivors, advocacy on cyberbullying, and we're working on a bill about what constitutes bullying.

Now that we have them, there are a few exciting initiatives in Malayalam and Tamil that are in various stages of development.I'm confident in returning.Because they have guided who I am as a full-time professional, I will continue to indulge in dance, theatre, and public policy.Thankfully, we don't have to limit ourselves to one occupation.

I belong to a different age group, and I have always been a person who likes challenging roles that challenge assumptions.I started playing Mammoottys wife and mother of two at 19 years old.I'm embarrassed to say (laughing) that I've always been open to experimentation, and that I encourage filmmakers to take this approach when they reach out to me for roles and not put me in any position.