Panel for 8 a.m. school opening

The M A Khader Committee was established by the state government in 2017 . It was suggested that learning sessions be extended to 8am to 1pm .

Thiruvananthapuram: The M A Khader Committee, which was established by the state government in 2017, has released its second report on Thursday.Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan's report recommended, among other things, a change in the school schedule.According to the study, the government should harmonise the teaching schedules.It was also suggested that teachers-training courses be updated by the government.

It asked the government to convert all the existing courses into a five-year training program, but many in the education industry have doubted its effectiveness.According to them, what the committee has proposed may not be in accordance with the national perspective on teacher training.It would also render the TTC and B. Ed courses obsolete.The committee's recommendations will be subjected to larger discussions, and the government would accept or reject them only after gathering feedback from all key stakeholders.