People practising their dandiya movements in preparation for the Navaratra festival

Navaratra is a popular dance festival in Pune, Maharashtra . Many residents are re-learning their dandiya skills by attending workshops and crash courses .

PUNE: With Navaratra just days away, many residents are re-learning their dandiya skills by attending workshops and crash courses.I have already completed three batches of dandiya classes for over a month, and we are adding more workshops as a result of high demand, said Annu Rathi, the director of a dance school in Lullanagar.Several of the participants are over the age of 40, and they would not normally sign up for dance lessons, but they want to learn a few basic techniques that they can use at dandiya activities.In these workshops, we cover some of the more common garba and dandiya techniques, such as do tali, teen taali, popat, etc.

Since people have lost the opportunity to dance at dandiya performances in the last two years, there has been a lot of demand for dandiya classes.This year, the response has been so positive, we've had to include crash courses in addition to the 10-day workshops.The crash course is an hour long session lasting 2-3 days, and will be repeated during Navaratra as well.To add to the fun, participants will learn not only dandiya steps, but also Bollywood.

I learned dandiya at a young age as my family would attend such functions during Navaratri.I enrolled for a salsa dandiya course because I am familiar with basic dandiya techniques, said Neha Gohil, a resident of Mundhwa.Baner resident Bhavesh Doshi said, It's a part of my family tradition to brush up on garba before going to Navaratra.It's also a great way to exercise in a fun and festive way.

We went for a training in our area this year and were ecstatic to experience the festive vibes of Navaratra once more.