Players Will Receive Additional Compensation From PCB for Rejecting Foreign League Offers

Pakistan Cricket Board extends red ball and white ball central contracts for its players . Board of Governors meeting approved annual budget of 15 billion rupees for fiscal year 2022-23 .

On Friday, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) extended red ball and white ball central contracts for its players with increased retainers, but it would discourage its top players from playing in foreign leagues, for which it is willing to pay compensatory money.The Board of Governors meeting, according to the PCB, has approved an annual budget of 15 billion rupees for the fiscal year 2022-23, with 78 percent going to cricket activities, according to a statement from the PCB.The BoG has also introduced changes to the mens central contract structure, according to a statement released by the PCB.The number of centrally contracted players has increased from 20 to 33, according to the Board, and a match fee for non-playing members has increased from 50% to 70% of the total match fee.The Board also established a captaincy allowance to compensate the team leader for the extra responsibility that comes with playing in other leagues.

Where appropriate, we will pay them 50 to 60 percent of the contract price they are given.We do not want our players to be drained or burnt out this season.We want them to be ready and fresh to tackle national duties.Ramiz also reported a 15 percent rise in retainers of womens central contracts in all categories.The pool of womens centrally contracted players may also be increased from 20 players to 25 players, the Pakistan mens cricket team has had an impressive 75% success rate across all formats, which is the highest amongst all Test playing nations.

This willingness to offer contracts to white-ball specialists will allow us to eventually create two separate squads that could be involved in white and red-ball cricket at the same time.We also have a greater amount of talent to showcase to the world.Pakistan also worked on the basis of a pool of talent for international eventsseries, according to the former captain.(A Pakistan Cricket Foundation was established to support retired cricketers, match officials, scorers, and ground staff who are facing financial difficulties.)