PM Modi promotes the promotion of the circular economy and claims that India's focus is on green growth and green jobs.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the countrys future is on green growth and green jobs . India had set a target of net zero emissions by the year 2070, he said .

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that the country's future is on green growth and green jobs, and that the role of the environment ministry in every state is vital in achieving these goals.He was speaking at the start of the National Conference of Environment Ministers in Narmada, Gujarat.He also stated that a fresh energy has returned to the region following Cheetah's homecoming a few days ago in Madhya Pradesh.According to him, a fresh enthusiasm has returned from Cheetah's homecoming in Madhya Pradesh a few days ago.

PM Modi said, Our forest cover has increased, and the area of wetlands is also increasing.New India is coming forward with innovative thinking and innovative strategies today.India is also a fast-developing country with a diverse ecosystem that is also being improved.India had set a target of net zero emissions by the year 2070, he said, referring to the atmosphere.

The Prime Minister has also urged all environmental ministers to encourage a circular economy as much as possible in the states.This would, he said, also help us push for improved solid waste treatment and reduction of single-use plastic.Project Cheetah is in accordance with Prime Ministers Office policies on environmental protection and wildlife conservation, and it will also result in improved livelihood opportunities for the local community through eco-development and ecotourism activities, according to the Prime Minister's Office.The reintroduction of Cheetahs in India is the latest in a long line of steps aimed at ensuring sustainability and environmental sustainability in the past eight years, which has resulted in significant achievements in the areas of environmental protection and sustainability.

At the event, the Prime Minister met with Cheetah Mitras, Cheetah Rehabilitation Management Group, and students.On this extraordinary occasion, he also addressed the nation.According to PMO, the Prime Minister's decision to release wild Cheetahs in Kuno National Park is part of his attempts to revive and diversify India's wildlife and its habitat.In 1952, the cheetah was declared extinct in India.

According to reports, the introduction of cheetah in India is being done under Project Cheetah, the world's first intercontinental large wild carnivore translocation initiative.(With input from government representatives.)