PoK unrest stands in stark contrast to Jammu and Kashmir's growth.

Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) has been under fire from the alleged 15th amendment . The alleged 15th amendment has sparked a lot of unrest in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir .

Muzaffarabad, Pakistan (PoK), August 6, : The stark contrast between the two Kashmirs has caused unrest in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), with the alleged 15th amendment, the Pak Army, and other security forces being criticized by local media, which has sparked a lot of unrest in PoK, including a pamphlet depicting a PoK girl kicking a Pak Army jeep and declaring that Daughters of According to Asian Lite International, thousands of Chinese engineers and workers are stationed in PoK, while Islamabad considers it as a center of terrorism, while New Delhi has made Jammu and Kashmir, one of the world's most developed regions, through its mix of growth, peace, and prosperity.According to Asian Lite International, comparisons between Mumbai and Kolkata, India's capital cities, is like being compared to a provincial town.J-K has four airports, but PoK has only 2.There are 35 universities in J-K, but there are only six in PoK.Although there are 2,812 hospitals in J-K offering free health care to the population, only 23 hospitals exist in PoK, and many people die each month as a result of a shortage of basic medical services and anti-venom vaccines, according to Asian Lite International.

According to Asian Lite International, the J-K budget focuses on education, home, and public health engineering, with power development getting the most funding for the financial year 2022-23.Four National Highway projects are scheduled to be completed in J-K in 2022.Under Bharatmala, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India has agreed to ten new roadtunnel schemes.The prime ministers' development package has seen an estimated spending of Rs 36,112 crore, with another four projects expected to be completed by the end of the current financial year, which is just over 78.55 million US dollars, according to PoKs Finance Minister Abdul Majid Khan.