Police said that a video of a woman doing namaz at a hospital in Prayagraj is not criminal in nature.

A video of a woman offering namaz on the premises surfaced online . Police formed a probe team after the incident .

PRAYAGRAJ: After a video of a woman offering namaz on the premises surfaced online, a police department in Prayagraj formed a probe team.However, police confirmed no wrongdoing on Friday.Sabiha came to meet a patient admitted to the dengue ward on Thursday, according to the hospital's superintendent, Dr MK Akhauri, and suddenly in the afternoon, she began giving namaz.According to him, someone made a video of her and shared it on social media, and the hospital administration reached there and told the woman not to do so.

The Prayagraj police said the woman's act does not fall under the definition of violence in a tweet.According to a tweet by police, the woman had expressed prayers for the speedy recovery of her patient who was admitted to the hospital without any wrong intention or blocking any movement in the investigation.In a tweet in Hindi, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said, What is the offence of looking after a relative who is admitted in a hospital, praying according to their faith and not bothering anyone.Does the UP Police have no other work Wherever namaz is offered, FIRs are issued against the namazis.