Prem Geet 3, the first Indo-Nepali film, is prepared to welcome viewers with its teaser and trailer.

Prem Geet 3 is the first Indo-Nepali film to be shown in Indian theaters . The film is set to premiere on September 23, 2022, Mumbai (Maharashtra) (India), (August 13): The first Indo-Nepali film, Prem Geet 3, is scheduled to premiere on the silver screens .

On September 23, 2022, Mumbai (Maharashtra) (India), (August 13): The first Indo-Nepali film, Prem Geet 3, is scheduled to premiere on the silver screens.Since the announcement of the third installment of the hit Prem Geet story, there has been a lot of excitement surrounding this series.The poster and trailer for Prem Geet 3 have been gaining a lot of attention lately, and the developers have finally announced the dates for their production.Although the teaser will be released today, a trailer for the Prem Geet film trailer is set to be released by August 18.

The third act is a large scale period action film, unlike Prem Geet and Prem Geet 2.I am so fortunate that the amazing people of India have shown so much love on our poster, writes Pradeep Khadka.I cant wait to hear how they react to the teaser and trailer.In India, large-than-life, amusing films are adored by audiences, and our film is also in a similar setting.

Indian filmmaker Subhash Kale, the maker of Prem Geet 3, says he is humbled by the reaction to the announcement.We cant imagine that people would respond in this way to the poster, he said.This is not the first time a Nepali film has been shown in Indian theaters, as shown by this film.Our hopes for the film have only increased as a result of the audience's reaction.

Hearts up!Kristina Gurung, the lead actress, exclaimed, Thank you India for being so warm and welcoming.I am looking forward to hear the reaction of the audience to the teaser, trailer, and also the songs from Prem Geet 3, which will be released later this year.I cant wait!Director Santosh Sen said, It was always a dream to see my film get a wide release in India.

I'm both excited and nervous.The overwhelming response to the poster has assured me that Indian audiences would inevitably come out in droves to see our film in theaters.Prem Geet 3 also stars Shiva Shrestha, Maotse Gurung, Sunil Thapa, and Manish Raut, along with Pradeep Khadka and Kristina Gurung.Santosh Sen and the late Chhetan Gurung direct it.

Prem Geet 3's producers include Subhash Kale, Santosh Sen, Prashant Kumar Gupta, Sushama Shiromanee, Murali Tilwani, and Dr Yogesh Lakhani, as well as the Indian audience for the ecstatic reaction to the poster.Madhu Entertainment and Media Ltd., said, We are glad to partner as a Distribution Partner of Prem Geet 3.This is a great film, people will enjoy it overseas, he said.We are so proud to be a part of this film as a overseas distribution partner for Prem Geet 3.Dr.

This is a great cross-media film idea that will be released around the world, and as an Outdoor Media partner, I am happy to contribute to its promotion.