Pulse Hospital's ownership and permissions are being investigated.

Ranchi's Pulse Super Speciality Hospital was raided by the enforcement department last week . The hospital was operational in February 2019, just before the first wave of Covid-19 struck Jharkhand .

Ranchi (Indiana): Since being raided by the enforcement department last week, one of the city's private hospitals has become the talk of the town.In a contentious transaction, the land on which Pulse Super Speciality Hospital is located has changed hands, ultimately going in favour of Abhishek Jha, the husband of former mines secretary Pooja Singhal.The hospital was operational in February 2019, just before the first wave of Covid-19 struck Jharkhand.It also has a sister diagnostic center with the same name, which has been operational for over seven years now.When asked by several parties familiar with the design and procurement of the hospital's land, they said the land title belonged to someone, but that another individual had the power of attorney and permission to construct a residential building in the neighborhood.

According to reports from the Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC), the district administration, led by deputy commissioner Chhavi Ranjan, is now looking for the information about the transactions to see if there were any contradictions.According to reports, the civic body issued an order for the construction of a residential building to a person named Alok Kumar Sarawagi in December 2017.The town commissioner issued a no-objection order to Alok Kumar Sarawagi in 2019 to begin the project.The order was issued in the name of Alok Sarawagi, who was the power of attorney holder for the parcel of land.

According to a report, the land was sold to Jha after the RMC approved the plan for the residential building for Alok.Ravi Sarawagi had sold the property to Jha on April 2, 2018, according to town planner Arun Kumar.If a license for a residential building was given to a party and the parcel of land is transferred to another individual, the new owner must obtain a new license for the project.