Pune: Girl dies as SUV hits bike in Kharadi

Riya Pawar, 7, died after SUV hit her motorcycle at Shitladevi temple chowk in Kharadi . Her father, Umesh Pawar, 39, was injured in the accident .

PUNE: On Thursday, a seven-year-old girl riding a motorcycle died after a SUV hit their bike at Shitladevi temple chowk in Kharadi around 12.15pm.The child's father, who was riding the motorcycle, was injured.Amit Kumar Sanjay Pradhan, a 41-year-old SUV driver, was later arrested by Chandannagar police.Riya Pawar, the deceased, was a Std II student at a local academy.

He left home to pick up his second eldest daughter from a school in Kharadigaon, and Riya followed him.When the left side of the SUV's bonnet collided with a bike on the right side in front of Galaxy housing society, the two were crossing the chowk.According to him, the girl flung into air because of the jerk between the two vehicles and fell down with her head smashed and her legs were injured.Her father was hospitalized in various parts of his body.

After receiving a call from the hospital, we became aware of the accident.According to him, we took the IT engineer who was in Magarpatta for a software firm.Pawar said he had stopped his bike at the chowk to allow other vehicles to pass.He said I took two steps in the first gear when the SUV came into high gear and crashed into the right wheel of my motorcycle.

She spoke with me for 30 minutes and asked about my injuries.She told me he couldn't see and she complained of stomach pain.My daughter was born a chicken, but she passed away as a result of her treatment.