Pune: Teachers contribute to the borewell, and the community sends 17 children to school

Balasaheb Kanade dug a borewell for the community in Pune district . The 18 huts in the area had no water supply .

PUNE: On a regular visit to a community settlement on the edge of Pune district in November 2020, Zilla Parishad school teacher Balasaheb Kanade from Zilla Parishad came to a community village where the children did not attend school.He was able to persuade eight children to enroll in the program, and this year the number has increased to 17.The enthusiastic reaction is due to a borewell dug for the community by teachers from the Junnar-Ambegaon area.Kanade, a 30-year veteran, joined the ZP primary school in Shindewadi three years ago.

In January 2021, eight children were enrolled in kindergarten after convincing the parents.It seemed to me to be a victory.However, these children were in poor shape and would sit with them.They attended the school irregularly.

Kanade said that they would beg for water from the nearby farmers or call a tanker for a substantial sum.The neighborhood had been in poverty and were often seen as outcasts.This group had moved from a market yard in Manchar, off the Pune-Nashik highway, to the base of some hills near a local college 11 years ago.Premnath Bhosale, a mother of three school-going children, said that people bullied them and would often destroy their huts where they once lived, causing them to relocate.

However, Covid-19 had a negative effect on us.No one would stop us from approaching them and the farmers who aided us before we shooed our mothers away or threw out our containers.We hire a tanker for Rs 1,000 that will last three to four days.We try to stretch it by using it for drinking and cooking, so bathing is the least of our priorities.

Many students dropped out of school due to the program, Bhosale said.Kanade, moved by their misfortune, decided to dig a bore hole for them and put up a demand in his Junnar-Ambegaon teachers WhatsApp group.He gathered Rs 40,000 in contributions within a day, and work began in June.We asked the panchayat samiti to install a hand pump, and that was indeed provided.

I have 17 students enrolled in the class for the current academic year, which starts on June 13.Kanade said they would begin as remedial classes on June 1.The teachers were enthralled by the response.Many hoped that their efforts had paid off.

Firoz Kale, a student at the University of Toronto, is happy.My mother had learned to wash clothes and take a bath every day since the hand pump was installed.I went to school then.He said, Now I'm in class IV.