Punjab: Three people have been arrested in the Payal region of Ludhiana for rape.

Police arrest a man and two women in rape case of a woman . Accuser says she brought a child to her home to call her .

IN A rape case of a woman, payal police arrested a man and two women.The accusers are all from the same village as the perpetrator's.The accuser is a mother of three children and lives in a village in Payal neighborhood, according to police.She said the accused woman, who grew up in the same neighborhood, brought a child to her home on April 14 to call her.

When she got inside the room, the two accused women went to another room, and the male accused robbed the door of the room and assaulted her, according to her.(As per Supreme Court rules on cases involving sexual harassment, the victim's identity has not been revealed to protect her confidentiality.)