Puri corridor work is highlighted as a damaged sculpture is discovered.

Archaeological Survey of Indias fears that diggers may have destroyed the archaeological remains of the heritage site . Archaeological Survey of Indias released joint inspection report in Orissa high court .

Bhubaneswar: Outside the Jagannath Temple in Puri, a stone sculpture that resembled a lion was discovered to have been dismantled by the government's ambitious heritage corridor scheme.The findings of the ancient stone sculpture gave credence to the Archaeological Survey of India's earlier fears that the attempted mindless digging may have destroyed the archaeological remains of the heritage site, according to a joint inspection report released by the state government and the ASI in the Orissa high court recently.Before digging in front of the temple, the government did not undertake a mandatory ground penetrating radar scan (GPRS).According to S N Mishra, a retired archaeologist, a GPRS would have enabled the government to spot antiques under the ground.

Despite resistance from the ASI and the National Monuments Authority (NMA), the government has decided to relocate the proposed reception center's location.Both organizations have requested that the government relocate the proposed reception center from the prohibited area.The government has started filling the trenches.Who will pay for the loss of our ancient heritage If the government executed the scheme in accordance with the ASI and NMA requirements, the archaeological remains would have been protected, according to Sarat Rayguru, a lawyer who filed a petition in Puri against the proposed illegal scheme.In a related development, Jagannath Sena, an activist group, filed a lawsuit against the ASIs superintending archaeologist Arun Ma According to Jagannath Senas convener Priyadarshan Pattnaik, he neither took steps to halt the construction nor urged the Orissa high court to suspend the project.Many attempts to contact Malik have failed.