Put away your sarkaari mentality and perform, or prepare to leave: To the staff of BSNL, Vaishnaw

Ashwini Vaishnaw has urged BSNL staff to let go of their sarkaari attitude . Vaishnaw recently spearheaded a massive Rs 1.64 lakh crore revival effort for BSNL .

NEW DELHI: In one of the most stern messages to BSNL staff, telecom minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has urged them to let go of their sarkaari attitude, warning the 62,000-strong workforce that anyone who performs poorly will be forced to voluntarily retire and send home.The Minister said that the much-smaller MTNL has no future.Vaishnaw, who recently spearheaded a massive Rs 1.64 lakh crore revival effort for BSNL, said in a meeting with the senior management of the burgeoning telecom PSU: You must do what is expected of you.Otherwise, pack up.

This will be the norm, and this will be the new normal perform or die.According to top reports, the Minister urged the staff to be fiercely competitive now, particularly because they will compete with top private sector firms like Reliance Jio and Airtel for customers.People who don't work are compelled to take VRS and return home, according to the Minister.If they resist VRS, we will use 56J (a Law that enforces the exception of premature retirement).

Thats pretty much it.Try not to have any doubts about this.Vaishnaw pointed out that under Rule 56(J) of the Railways Ministry, about 70 officers were compelled to retire (a Cabinet charge that he also holds).The Minister explained that BSNL employees have failed to provide a clean and sanitary environment to the phone exchanges and their offices, in addition to governing operations inefficiently, according to the Minister.

(I was ashamed to see the filth over there.)It was so drained and in a bad shape.The Minister explained that such poor maintenance would not be tolerated, and that heads would roll.The top brass will be cut off.

The top brass will have to go home.The employees and their supervisors are also accountable.I'm being specific.The Minister admitted that the stock-market listed firm does not have any prospects when it comes to MTNL.

We cant do much here.We all know the limitations of MTNL and the challenges it faces.We'll do a different thing for it and decide what the next steps should be.Since taking the risk of awarding yet another mega bailout to BSNL, the Minister said that he would now be monitoring the company's operations on a monthly basis.

And we're now calling for the same level of commitment from each and every one of the 62,000 workers.Each month, I will monitor the KPIs, the results, and the end result.He encouraged them to work quickly toward launching 4G and subsequent 5G.You have seen our goals in great detail.

Every month, I will take a look at your situation and review the findings.To install 4G, you must work day and night.