Radhana Ram, the daughter of Malashree and Ramu, makes her entrance in style.

Radhana Ram is the daughter of Sandalwoods original female superstar Malashree and her late husband, producer Ramu . Radhana will star in Tharun Sudhir's debut film, Rani Maharani .

The plot has ended.Radhana Ram is next in line for Darshans, the daughter of Sandalwoods original female superstar Malashree and her late husband, producer Ramu.In this Tharun Sudhir directorial, Radhana will star opposite the Challenging Star.Radhana says this is indeed a dream come true, and as cliche as it may sound, it is really a dream come true.

Since I had a star mom and a star producer father, my brother and I have always heard movie discussions growing up.I soon realized that I too wanted to be part of this world when I was in my teens.In many ways, I was also timid, and I am still am.They were all ecstatic when I told my parents the same.

According to Radhana, I took multiple acting classes to master every aspect of the craft.And she's a great dancer as well.Ive loved watching all of my mother's movies, but Rani Maharani is one of those films that keeps coming back to me.She is a consummate performer.

Although her original name is Ananya, Radhana Ram is the name she has adopted for films.Everyone talked about it and came up with this name, but I'm glad that my dad understood and appreciated it.Radhana has always wanted to work with an established hero, a good producer and production house for her debut, and is thrilled that the divine has made it happen in the right way.Most newcomers would like to work with Darshan sir and be directed by Tarun sir; I'm grateful for what I have.

Even on my way to the muhurta, she says, I'm still digesting it.Radhanas apprehension comes to an end when she says that her private social media account will now go public.I'm not going to be concerned about it at all.She sums up: For the time being, my focus is on my acting.

It's also an emotional moment for me.When Ramu accompanyes her daughter to the puja of her debut, she says she would have been so proud.Everyone asked me what my daughter was up to when I went on a set.I would keep mum.

She smiles as we wanted it to be a surprise and only reveal it at the muhurta.Ask her about possible comparisons, and the veteran actor replies, I am aware of that, which is why I told Radhana on the set that she is an actress and that she should only give what the director wants.She has no acting skills, but she is vital.Ive also told my daughter to be modest and be generous, even though she is at the top of her game, says Malashree.