Rahul Gandhi refuses to run for Congress president and maintains his position.

Rahul Gandhi says he will not contest presidentship of Congress parties . Gandhi said that he had already made his position clear and will stick to it .

KOCHI (Koch), Oct. 17 – Rahul Gandhi, the president of the Congress, reiterated on Thursday that he would not contest the presidentship of both the Congress parties, as scheduled to be held on October 17.Gandhi said that he had already made his position clear and will stick to it when asked about his decision during the Bharat Jodo Yatra.The process for submitting candidates for the office of party president began on September 24 and will continue until September 30.Rahul said that the regular debates and media reports regarding the presidential election were aimed at distracting the public from Bharat Jodo Yatra.

This country has a tradition of humility, nonviolence, and compassion.That was true of India.The disparity between the poor and the wealthy is at its peak now.Because of high prices and low employment, the poor are being affected.

This contrast is bad for our country.Throughout the Yatra, he said, it is my intention.Rahul said that all forms of communalism and violence should be combated in the offices of the Popular Front if India (PFI) around the region.On Thursday, the Bharat Jodo Yatras tour in Eranakulam district commenced from Desham Junction in Aluva and reached Karukutti around 10 a.m. On Thursday, he met with representatives of public sector enterprises and banking institutions.