Rainfall brings relief to the city, but not to everybody.

Ranchi and surrounding areas flooded with rain and thundershowers . The daytime temperature in Ranchi was 1.9 degrees above average .

Ranchi: After experiencing a steep rise in the day temperature on Saturday afternoon, the city and its surrounding areas, as well as a few districts, were flooded with rain and thundershowers, accompanied by strong winds, while other districts, such as Daltonganj, Palamu and Garhwa, were expected to see more rainfall during the next 48 hours, resulting in a decrease in the maximum temperature by 3-4 degrees.The daytime temperature in Ranchi remained on the higher side at 38.6 degrees, 1.9 degrees above average.The day temperature in Jamshedpur rose by 1.3 degrees, 2.8 degrees higher than normal, compared to Friday, which was a record 41 degrees, or 2.8 degrees above normal.Any heatspell is likely to be followed by rain and wind under the existing weather system, which sees a moisture intrusion from the Bay of Bengal.