Rainfall in several areas of Maharashtra is predicted to increase starting in September.

Rainfall likely to increase in certain areas of Maharashtra from September 30 to October 6 . Monsoon withdrawal from northwest India has stalled since the last few days .

PUNE: Rainfall is likely to increase in certain areas of Maharashtra from September 30 to October 6, putting the start of monsoon withdrawal over Maharashtra, according to an extended range forecast by the Met department on Friday.Monsoon withdrawals in Maharashtra generally begin between October 3-4.However, due to the erratic rainfall in the first ten days of the month, this process is unlikely to begin before October 10.Therefore, we expect a 6-7-day delay in monsoon withdrawal from Maharashtra from the extreme north, according to Anupam Kashyapi, Pune's head of weather forecasting division.

Any further development in northwest India may take another 5-7 days.Kashyapi said that the rainfall situation in Maharashtra is expected to worsen during the next two days, except for Vidarbha and Konkan-Goa.Bis September 30, North-central Konkan could receive marginally above normal rainfall, while the rest of the state is forecast to receive near-normal rainfall.Extreme north Madhya-Maharashtra, full Vidarbha, and south Konkan will see above-normal rainfall on September 30, while the rest of the state, including Pune, may see normal rainfall during that time.

This, in turn, will delay the beginning of monsoon withdrawal from Maharashtra's areas.Rainfall in Maharashtra between September and October 6 would increase by comparison to the current period, according to Kashyapi.According to him, a system could arise over the Bay of Bengal during the week and the expansion of westerly winds from the Arabian Sea, triggering the change.Rainfall is likely to be isolated in Madhya Maharashtra and Marathwada over the next two days, while Konkan could see scattered rains.