Raj was given water that was unfit to drink.

Rajasthan drinks canal water, but encourages it to use it for irrigation . Water that is reaching Harike headworks is only suitable for irrigation .

Bathinda: The Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB), Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB), and Rajasthan irrigation department are attempting to flush contaminants downstream to Pakistan through the Satluj at Harike headworks.But, since Rajasthan drinks this canal water, they encourage it to use it for irrigation.According to the alert, the water that is released into the canal is not suitable for drinking for the time being.Karunesh Garg, a member of the Punjab Pollution Control Board, said that some pollutants must be flushed through the Sutlej.

Environmentalists assembled at a Fazilka village and said that the Sirhind Feeder was so polluted that it was killing fruit orchards and livestock, as well as causing disability in the youth.On Monday, the chief engineer (irrigation) wrote to the superintending engineer at Ferozepur, advising him to follow the BBMBs standard operating procedure (SOP) to minimize canal contamination.The water that is reaching Harike has been found to be only suitable for irrigation by the PPCB and the Rajasthan irrigation department.