Rajasthan: SI detained in Sirohi on charges of aiding narcotics smugglers in eluding

Seema Jakhar was arrested by Sirohi police on Sunday . She was arrested from the city and taken to Saroopganj police station .

Seema Jakhar, a former sub-inspector, was arrested by Sirohi police on Sunday.She and three constables were suspended first on November 16 last year after charges that she had aided the escape of a poppy husk smuggler for Rs 10 lakh.She was sacked ten days later after the allegations were proved to be true.Following information that she was at her house, SP (Sirohi) Dharmendra Singh Yadav reported that a team had been sent to Jodhpur.

According to Yadav, she was arrested from the city and taken to Saroopganj police station on Sunday.On November 14, a vehicle was found in Barloot and a 141kg poppy husk was recovered from the vehicle.Smugglers made it out of darkness by using tyre busters by the police.But it was later discovered that Barloot police had entered an agreement with the smuggler for Rs 10 lakh to help him flee.

SP (Sirohi) had entered the police station and also checked the video grabs, which evidently pointed the needle of suspicion on Barloot police, causing SHO Jakhar's suspension and the firing of three constables, Om Prakash, Hanuman, and Suresh.The investigation was handed over to the circle officer.With Seema Jakhar's detention now in place, three-time constables Om Prakash, Suresh, and Hanuman will be apprehended.Three people have been arrested in the case, who are now in jail, while Dinesh Khichad, the main suspect and smuggler, has yet to be arrested.