Rajasthan: The Congress wants a private sector quota.

Congress demands quotas for OBCs in assembly and parliamentary elections . Party also revived the need for a caste census and sought a statute on SCST sub-plan .

UDAIPUR: Congress demanded on Saturday that the Center create reservations in the private sector, introduce a women's reservation bill with a sub-quota for SCSTOBCs, and introduce a reservation for OBCs in legislatures.The party also revived the need for a caste census and sought a statute on the SCST sub-plan.At all levels of the organization, the party is proposing a 50 percent quota for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, OBCs, and minorities.In lieu of quotas for OBCs in assembly and parliamentary elections, the Congress will begin negotiations.

In a reversal of its position on the womens reservation bill, the party is expected to demand that SC, ST, and OBC women be included in proportionate reservation in Lok Sabha and legislative bodies.The party's panel on social justice and inclusion deliberated on the topics of Salman Khurshid, K Raju, and Kumari Selja, according to Salman Khurshid, on Saturday.Raju said that the Congress Working Committee (CWC) would consider the proposals on a quota for SCSTOBCminorities and women.According to him, the committee will propose that the Congress president establish a social justice advisory committee.

Raju said that the panel has strongly recommended that the Congress insist and declare its commitment to the census of OBCs and other castes.According to him, there were many sub-castes within SCs and STs that didn't receive adequate representation in the organization and government.According to Raju, the party now has to focus on those sub-castes and offer justice to them.Since the jobs in the public sector were decreasing, the committee continued to insist on reservation in the private sector for the SC, ST, and OBCs, Raju said.