Rajkot: Be wary of ATM assistance! Your card could be changed.

Chandrakant Makwana, 71, lost Rs 68,000 in three transactions in three transactions . Police suspect they have stolen 20 ATM cards from the duo .

RAJKOT: The Junagadh police department (LCB) has learned of an ATM robbery perpetrated by two people who unlawfully robbed elderly people and withdraw cash from their accounts.On June 21, the two, whose identities were not revealed while the investigation was ongoing, had withdrawn money and purchased a mobile phone by using the ATM card of 71-year-old teacher Chandrakant Makwana in Gondal.When Makwana stepped into the bank ATM counter, one individual was already inside, deliberately dashed into him.The Makwanas ATM card fell down, and a man standing outside emerged and picked up the card.

When Makwana tried to withdraw cash, the machine refused to accept it and he returned home, believing there was a technical glitch.Junagadh LCB called Makwana on June 21, requesting if he had taken any money from his account.Makwana was unaware, but when he took out a mini statement from the bank, he discovered that Rs 20,000 cash had been taken from an ATM kiosk in Rajkot, and that a Rs 39,000 mobile had also been purchased using his card.Makwana lost Rs 68,000 in three transactions total.

The amount of cash and shopping they earned using the ATM cards could be much greater.According to an LCB official, they cheated people in many cities.