Rajnath on the China standoff: "I'm not afraid about the consequences, but I'm concerned about my own dignity."

Rajnath Singh praised PM Narendra Modi's leadership in the midst of the Ladakh conflict . Singh said that India had sent a strong note to China .

LUCKNOW: In the midst of the Ladakh conflict, Union defence minister Rajnath Singh lauded PM Narendra Modi's leadership, saying that India had sent a strong note to China.We aren't worried about the parinaam (consequences), but Singh said in Lucknow on Saturday that we will never compromise on our swabhimaan (self-respect).Singh, a Lucknow MP, said that if the Covid and Ukrainian crisis hadn't struck the map, India would have missed the threshold of a $3.25 trillion economy.In four decades, America is experiencing the highest rate of inflation in the United States.

Singh also praised the Prime Minister's efforts to make India a global leader, adding that it is because of his (Modi's) unwavering efforts that even the US, which is the world leader, takes India seriously for its remarks.India has been treated with dignity and hope since 2014, when he (Modi) took office.Singh praised the Prime Minister for his hard work and strong sense of leadership, adding that Singh sleeps only three to four hours a day and pushes the country to new heights.India is now entering into trade deals with other nations.

This is possible because of a deliberate reform that has minimized corruption.He said that sanskaar would not reduce leaks.Singh also reported that by April 2022, the net GST income collection was at its highest level ever, at Rs 1.68 lakh crore.Singh said that a list of 309 arms had been approved to be made in India on the defense front.

This machine will be made in India and by Indians.Experts will be sent to India to teach Indians if our population does not know the technology.We will not go to a foreign country.In addition, 68% of the defense budget will be devoted to domestic industries.