Raju Shetti, a farmer leader from Maharashtra, is taking the MSP fight to northeast India.

Farmers leader and former MP Shetti wants to see a reform similar to Minimum Wages Act . Shetti says he wants to link farming community of the area with that of the mainland by way of a bill that legalizes payment of growers .

Shetti, a farmers leader and former MP who returned from a visit to Shillong on Saturday evening, said the trip was part of his attempt to link the farming community of the area with that on the mainland by way of a bill that legalizes payment of growers.Over the past month or so, Shetti and other farm leaders have embarked on what they say is the second stage of their battle after the central government passed three conflicting farm laws.Hatkanangle's former MP said that they wanted to see a reform similar to the Minimum Wages Act, which would allow farmers to have the necessary protection to obtain MSP in markets.Given the fact that over 80% of India's farmers are small and marginal farmers, such a step is extremely necessary, said Shetti, who addressed multiple meetings in Meghalaya and farm leader V M Singh, who said he was willing to travel the area several times to ensure that the MSP message reached the masses.After the initial consultation, Shetti said they encouraged supporters to spread out in the villages.

According to Shillong, the gram sabhas would pass a resolution for a law for the first time, adding that they have so far received 400 such resolutions from Maharashtra villages.While the area has a strong farming community, it lacks mature farming movements, he noted.Bamboo, paddy, and millets have problems, but they are not addressed at the correct level, he said.The trip to Shillong was a result of Shettis's previous meeting with farm leaders after initial consultations on the MSP bill.