Ramtek Ind MLA joins the Sena rebels and claims the CM disregarded his complaints.

Independent Ramtek MP Ashish Jaiswal joined Eknath Shinde-led party in Assam on Thursday morning . Jaiswal says he was unhappily managing the government .

Nagpur, April 3: Ashish Jaiswal, an independent Ramtek MP and a former Shiv Sainik, joined the Eknath Shinde-led party in Assam on Thursday morning.Since his seat went to the alliance partner BJP, Jaiswal successfully contested on an independent ballot.Jaiswal said in a conversation with the CM from Guwahati that he did not take care of serious issues raised by him.The last thing I discussed with him was whether some minister is seeking kickbacks.

The CM, on the other hand, did not address the issue further with me, according to Jaiswal.These talks took place just a few days before the Rajya Sabha elections.A few weeks earlier, Jaiswal raised the issue of funding allocation that was done without involving local government representatives.Jaiswal had explained that Jaiswal was unhappily managing the government.

Let us face the facts.Firstly, let us face it This was an unnatural alliance (Maha Vikas Aghadi).Both philosophies were different, and none of the MLAs wished it were true.But they went ahead for other reasons, said Jaiswal, despite the fact that he had contested the 2019 polls on an independent ticket, it was an open secret that everything had been transpired with blessings from the party's chief.

Jaiswal was seen in close contact with him at some public occasions in December 2019, when CM Thackeray arrived in Nagpur for the winter assembly session.Forget me, nobody had access to the CM.To get work done, we are public representatives and need the government's help, said Jaiswal.Nevertheless, Jaiswal says, it was not an easy decision to make when the ensuing political crisis erupted.

I am ultimately responsible for those who elected me and the work that they have given me.So, I finally decided to back Shinde-led MLAs, and we hope that the party's top brass follows up on what everyone else is saying, said Jaiswal.