Regarding Maha's firefighting job, Shivraj criticises Nath.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan slams former chief minister Kamal Nath . Nath was sent to Maharashtra by AICC chief Sonia Gandhi as a troubleshooter .

IndoreBhopal: CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan slammed former CM Kamal Nath, who was sent to Maharashtra by AICC chief Sonia Gandhi as a troubleshooter during the country's ongoing political crisis.Chouhan said at a rally on Thursday for the civic elections in Ujjain that someone who failed to save his own government in Madhya Pradesh is now being sent to rescue Shiv Sena in Maharashtra.Why was he sent to help the government?Chouhan said that one who wasn't able to save his government in Parliament would now save Maharashtra's government.

Is this Congress helpful?It can't.Chouhan said that it is taking the last breaths while campaigning in Satna for BJP mayoral candidate Yogesh Tamrakar and corporator candidates, but that Congress has given the ticket to a sitting MLA (Siddharth Kushwaha).According to Chouhan, PCC chief Kamal Nath could not find a candidate other than his MLA.

Do not be concerned, the poor will not sleep empty stomach in this state, according to Chouhan, who claims that when Nath was president, he removed a number of names from the Sambal Yojana beneficiaries list.He halted the scheme.However, Chouhan said that the BJP government will not just provide food; our government has given 5,000 houses to beneficiaries in Satna town under the PM Awas Yojana regime, and that all poor families will be given money in the next two years to create pucca homes.He has his eyes on it since I have donated Rs 1,000 crore to the Smart City initiative.

There was no other work than corruption.