Report: FIFA threatens to suspend AIFF and revoke its right to host the women's U-17 World Cup.

FIFA have threatened to cancel the All India Football Federation . The world body has cited third-party interference in the federation's affairs .

FIFA has threatened to cancel the AIFF and strip off its ability to host the womens U-17 World Cup in October due to third-party interference, a development that comes just days after the Supreme Courts ordered the national federation to hold elections.The Supreme Court ordered the executive committee of the All India Football Federation (AIFF) to schedule elections quickly and satisfactorily as per the Committee of Administrators (CoA), which is currently overseeing the national federation's affairs.India was due to host the FIFA Under-17 Womens World Cup on October 11, according to FIFA, in a letter sent to acting AIFF General Secretary Sunando Dhar.We kindly request that the AIFF provide us with an official transcript of the Supreme Courts' decision of 3 August 2022 by 17:00 hours Indian Standard Time on September 9, 2022, according to FIFA.FIFA has stated that it would not tolerate any third party interference in the operation of its member units.

art.14.1i) and art.19.1 of the FIFA Statutes in conjunction with art.(1) AFC statutes 15.4 and 15.4 (see below).

In a joint FIFA-AFC letter sent on July 2022, FIFA and the AFC reiterated our positions.The AIFF was supposed to convene a special general assembly on the first week of August 2022 to approve the new statutes negotiated by FIFA, the AFC, and the Indian football community, but we have been informed that the Supreme Courts' hearing yesterday on the AIFF's alleged outcome resulted in deviations from the aforementioned roadmap.It would irrefutably jeopardize the current mutual agreement that has dominated the next steps if this were true.India will host the FIFA womens U-17 World Cup from October 11-30, and the Union Cabinet approved the signing of agreements for the womens age group showpiece in Bhubaneswar, Goa, and Mumbai last month.