Reports from North Korea 15 more Covid-19 deaths are suspected.

North Korea has confirmed 15 new deaths and hundreds of thousands of new patients with fevers . The country has mobilized more than a million health and other workers to try to dampen the countrys first Covid-19 outbreak .

SEOUL (State Media): North Korea has confirmed 15 new deaths and hundreds of thousands of new patients with fevers as it mobilizes more than a million health and other workers to try to dampen the country's first Covid-19 outbreak, according to state media.North Korea revealed on Thursday that it had detected its first Covid-19 patients since the pandemic began, despite a widely disputed declaration that it was coronavirus-free for more than two years.Since late April, it has said a fever has ravaged the region, but it hasn't announced how many Covid-19 cases it has detected.According to some experts, North Korea lacks the diagnostic kits that are required to treat a large number of suspected Covid-19 patients.

Another 296,180 people with fevers were recorded, according to the official Korean Central News Agency, taking the total number to 820,620.North Korea has been plagued by a humanitarian crisis as the majority of the country's 26 million citizens are reportedly unvaccinated against the coronavirus, and its public health care system has been in jeopardy for decades.According to several experts, North Korea could suffer serious health consequences if it does not immediately receive outside supplies of vaccines, antibiotics, and other medical supplies.To combat the virus, North Korea has instituted a nationwide freeze since Thursday.

North Korean President Kim Jong Un described the outbreak as a monumental upheaval during a meeting on Saturday and called for community involvement between the government and the people to help prevent the disease from escalating.More than 1.3 million people have been engaged in initiatives to monitor and treat sick people and raise public awareness of hygiene, according to KCNA.According to the report, anyone with fevers or other abnormal conditions was being placed in quarantine and treated.According to the KCNA, the growing pandemic response includes the development of more quarantine facilities, immediate transportation of medical supplies to hospitals, and enhanced disinfection efforts.

496,030 have recovered, while 324,4550 have already been treated, according to KCNA, citing the country's emergency epidemic prevention center.Kim and other top North Korean officials, according to state media, are providing their private reserve medications to help the country's anti-pandemic campaigns.Kim expressed optimism on Saturday about the country's fight against the flu by saying that the bulk of the cases are occurring in communities that are isolated from one another and not spreading from region to region.Despite the outbreak, Kim has encouraged authorities to proceed with proposed economic, development, and other state initiatives, suggesting that government isn't requiring people to confine themselves at home.

Kim visited a mourning station Saturday set up for senior official Yang Hyong Sop, who died a day earlier, to express condolences and speak with bereaved relatives, according to KCNA.Officials and laborers in the northeast were taking steps to avoid a predicted spring drought from harming crop yields and quality, according to a separate KCNA dispatch.South Korea and China have agreed to supply North Korea with vaccines, medical supplies, and other aid, but Pyongyang hasn't responded to offers.North Korea had previously turned down millions of doses of COVAX vaccines from the United Nations-backed COVAX distribution scheme, citing fears that the vaccines' side effects or international monitoring requirements were unreasonable.

When President Joe Biden visits Seoul later this week for a summit with newly elected South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol, the North Korean virus outbreak could still be a hot topic.Park Jie-won, South Korea's former spy chief, told Facebook on Friday that he suggested that Washington send 60 million doses of vaccines to North Korea as humanitarian assistance via COVAX in May 2021 as the then-director of the National Intelligence Service.Later talks were held in the United Nations and the Vatican about providing 60 million doses to North Korea, he said, but such assistance was never made possible because no formal promises were made to North Korea.Park said he hopes North Korea would accept Yoons aid bids quickly, though he does not expect them to.