Residents of Paldi, Gujarat, claim that helicopter joyrides are an agony.

Helicopter joyride service has been operating from the waterdrome on Sabarmati riverfront since January . Residents say noise pollution is causing significant mental distress .

AHMEDABAD: Hetal Doshi has a difficult time putting his children to bed on weekends in Paldi.My children are so enraged by the sound of the joyride service's helicopters.I have two young children, whom I sometimes have to give them prescription medications to put them to sleep.Whenever the bus service operates, it is the same story from noon to 5 p.m., according to Doshi.

One resident has filed lawsuits against the police commissioner and municipal commissioner for noise pollution resulting from helicopter rides, which has been reproduced by the police commissioner.The noise pollution generated by the riverfront joyride service that has been offered at the riverfront is causing a significant number of people near the riverfront in Paldi.On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, one ride per nine minutes is made possible by the chopper's loud sound, which is causing significant mental distress.According to Vaishali Trivedi, a member of Paldi's Dharnidhar Society, my father is 97 years old and deserves his quiet in the afternoons.

We know it is a joyride, but why should the timings be changed to the mornings?The waterdrome where the helipad is located was a state-funded initiative, and AeroTrans is the executing agency for the joyride project.This service is as a result of a rapid growth in social infrastructure technology.The helicopter travels through the region, serving most of the city's residential areas.

The seaplane service was suspended for a short period at the waterdrome, and a joyride service was launched in January.GujSail spokespeople could not be reached for comment.When the seaplane was operating, there wasn't as much noise.According to Dipali Jahanara, the owner of a bridalwear boutique in the region, the trend is becoming almost permanent.