Review of the criminal film: We are happy that it was released on National Cinema Day because it represents Pollywood's daring endeavour in the thriller genre.

Criminal is a Punjabi suspense thriller . The film stars Neeru Bajwa and Dheeraj Kumar .

STORYMahi and Arjun are attempting to heal their broken marriage piece by piece.In order to bury the hatch, they use various means.However, their life takes a 180-degree turn when their house is invaded by some unwanted visitors-5 of the most dangerous and wanted criminals who are notorious for their twisty mind and no mercy attitude.What do the criminals do with Mahi and Arjun, do they find a way out, who has the last laugh, and much more!

However, the so-called stigma has been dissipated in the form of the Garinder Sidhu directorial Criminal.However, the most important thing I would like to emphasize is that this is not a story about five criminals but seven.Five people are introducers to a house, the rest two are guilty of breaking a house.Let us begin by focusing on one fugitive criminologist at a time, beginning with Prince Kanwaljit Singh (Bura).Prince is a psychopath killer who professes homicide with a brutality.

Everything compliments his character's craziness, from his appearances, to his dialogue delivery, to his expressions.His mere eye contact is enough to put chills on your spine.Despite the fact that Prince has played a complex character in Warning, he was on a revenge spree with a duty to fulfill, but in this film, he kills for fun; he kills because he wants to.Raghveer Boli (Master) is the next one that I would like to introduce to the audience.

His voice gives you the creeps.Boli has a teeth moment as his signature, making him look pretty scary, and it's hard to grasp that the man who is known for tickling everyone's funny bones can play such a dark shade so effortlessly.Gurnav Deep Singh (Tunni), Hrishab Sharma (Demu), and Sanjeev Kaler (Kappa) are among those who are going forward.The former two have less television time, but they both manage to make an impression.

At the start of the film, Kappa is seen as the mastermind, but in the end, his fellow criminal played chess with him, and while he was playing checker.With that, we've escaped the intruders, and it's time to recall Mahi and Arjun, played by Neeru Bajwa and Dheeraj Kumar.First and foremost, Neeru Bajwa isn't a Pollywood princess, she is a witch as she has a magical potion that is transforming her age.The class she brought to life on film as Mahi is unbeatable.

The movie opens with a song in which her character looks in the mirror and attempts to put on a fake smile, despite being low on the outside.The turmoil of emotion she is experiencing is established right in that second, and the resulting hold will not loosen at any moment.However, as we see Neeru taking a beating from the goons, our hearts break.Nevertheless, we aspire for her when she stands back up to fight.

He is a husband who seeks reconciliation with his wife while avoiding conflict.Because he is not a bad husband in the film, but he is just too slow at starting conversations.However, if a crisis arises, he is the one to take the shot for it.This is the first time Dheeraj and Neeru have worked together on the screen, and we must admit, we could not get enough of them.

Garinder Sidhu made sure that the sequence does not squeak or that the subplots don't become boring.On the one hand, although the actors did a good job, we must admit that it was the director's vision that brought out the best of the stars.And Sarvjit Khera and Naveen Jethi, the two protagonists in the book, as well as dialogue authors Vinit Attri and Vishal Singh Deot, merit a mention.Though the story had some predictable plot points, there were still moments that would keep you amped up to the edge of your seat.

It filled in the gaps where appropriate and kept the film's pace and interest level steady.Overall, Pollywood delivered an excellent showing on National Cinema Day with Criminal.