Review of the film Maamanithan: A softly moving story about a regular man

Seenu Ramasamys Maamanithan is a story about a series of feel-good stories from an ordinary mans life . The first half of this series features some of the finest filmmaking done by these directors .

Examine a movie about Seenu Ramasamys Maamanithan: For the bulk of the first half, we get a story about a series of feel-good stories from an ordinary man's life.We meet Radhakrishnan (Vijay Sethupathi), an honest, middle-aged automaker who lives a happy life with his loving wife Savithri (Gayathrie), and their two doting children.We see the other people who are part of his life, such as his cousin Ismail (Guru Somasundaram), how he came to be in this family and why he wants to aspire for a life better than his present one in a flashback that is presented as a bedtime tale.Madhavan (Shaji), a real estate developer, helps him sell his plots so that he can afford to send his children to a private school.

Will Radhakrishnan find a way to prevent his family from dissolving and ensure that his children are educated?Mahanadhi is a genteel version of Mahanadhi.We had a protagonist in that film who is a content family man with two kids who wants to take the next step in his life but is tricked into it.What if he had managed to escape prison and had some sort of external support to ensure the safety of his family?

When a mother discovers that her husband has left her to live on her own, there is no high-powered euphoria or wailing.Instead, we have the strong will of a woman who struggles to get by with the cards that life has given her.We see the same logic emerge even as a character meets the one who is behind all his difficulties.Even the cops are depicted as sympathetic individuals who care about the family of the individual they are looking for.That said, the director spits up by using this tactic to make it more difficult for his character to get his revenge.

And the one he's after ends up in the same place as he goes later.At the climax, we also get a heavy musical number that feels tonally off.Thankfully, the performances ensure that we don't forget about the characters.Vijay Sethupathi is perhaps the only actor willing to support such scripts these days, and he effortlessly makes us believe in Radhakrishnan and his flaws.Gayathrie is a solid actor in the role of a determined housewife.

They are also supported by competent cinematography.The first half of this series features some of the finest filmmaking done by these directors, with one scene seamlessly transitioning into the next, complemented by M Sukumars cinematography, which is unobtrusive (the many long shots never take away from the story), always in the interest of the story.It is only the music by Ilaiyaraaja and Yuvan Shankar Raja that falls short.In the era when big-screen entertainment has largely become about action thrillers and fantasies, Maamanithan, a character-driven drama, does look to be the last of its kind.