Review of the film Notre Dame on Fire: A thrilling tale of the heroic rescue of Notre Dame

The film follows a grid model of the events that took place that night . The only Notre Dame injury was the building itself .

The story Notre Dame On Fire is a story about the heroic rescue efforts of the precious artefacts and the Gothic cathedral itself, which went up in flames in April 2019 after a devastating fire.Examine: The date is April 15, 2019, and it is undoubtedly one of the darkest days in recent French history.Tourists and guides lined the 850-year-old cathedral, the most visited monument in Paris, on a day that had started like no other.However, just as the alarm goes off, a pre-recorded alert informs the participants to evacuate the venue.

But minutes later, all hell breaks loose as the unthinkable occurs.So, begins a flurry of attempts to spit out a fire that threatens the country's most prized possessions and its most revered monument.Notre Dame On Fire is a film that follows a grid model of the events that took place that night.Jean-Jacques Annaud, an Academy Award-winning director, mainly stays within the realm of showing us what happened inside and outside the cathedral, while also infusing moments of thrill and adventure with stories of heroism.

In doing so, the film also reveals the glaring flaws in Notre Dame's faltering fire alarms, narrow access to the building, the administration's and building staff's complacency, as well as a complete lack of preparedness.During the restoration of the spire that remains the most likely cause of the fire, the film does not shy away from highlighting the lax safety practices.The result is more instructive than emotional.It's a slow-burn tale that aims to provide the viewer with every last detail of the rescue mission.

It is heart-wrenchingly real and emphasizes the extensive engineering effort that must have gone into recreating the disaster.The use of two and three-way split screens as well as real-time footage gives it a very newsy feel at times.The overall sound design enhances Annuads' storytelling, although Simon Franglens background music is a bit jarring.The only Notre Dame injury was the building itself.

But the sheer grit and determination with which the firefighters and the Parisians banded together to restore their historic place of worship shines through in the end.Making a film like this is like a firefight, and Annaud passes it with flying colours once more.