RFID tags for safety and sticky bomb neutralizers Yatra of Amarnath

Unified Command meeting held by J&K LG Manoj Sinha to ensure pilgrimage is being held after two-year absence . Real-time traffic management of yatra convoys and RFID-tagged devotees trek from base camps to Amarnath cave .

NEW DELHI: At the Unified Command meeting taken by J&K LG Manoj Sinha, technical measures to neutralize sticky bombs and real-time traffic management of yatra convoys and RFID-tagged devotees trek from the base camps to the Amarnath cave from a state-of-the-art, integrated command and control center in Srinagar were some of the key steps taken to ensure the annual pilgrimage is being held after a two-year absence After the meeting, which included Army, BSF, CRPF, Jammu and Kashmir government, and police and intelligence brass, J&K government sources reported that high-tech gadgets developed by countries such as Israel to make sticky bombs ineffective would be used to protect Amarnath yatra convoys, according to J&K government sources.The SOPs for regular inspection of vehicles to spot sticky bombs, strategically managing their movement to make it possible for terrorists to plant sticky bombs, and then neutralizing sticky bombs as the terrorists to plant them on a truck have all been planned to the letter.According to reports, all the equipment needed for the yatra, which starts on June 30, have been installed, including healthcare, communication, and water sanitation.The entire yatra route has been connected by an integrated command and control center, allowing real-time monitoring of the yatris' movements as well as convoy traffic.