RTI response: In Kochi, 80% of the drains are operational.

Kochi corporation says 80% of drains in central city area and other two zones operate effectively . Officials from three other zones havent responded to requests for more than a month .

KOCHI (KOCHI): According to the Kochi corporation, about 80% of drains in the central city area and the other two zones operate effectively.During the rain, most areas in Kochi, including those in the central zone limit, are subjected to waterlogging.Officials from three other zones haven't responded to requests for more than a month.Officials from Central, Pachalam, and Palluruthy zones responded.

I am now contacting the appellate authority, said Mattancherry's K Govindan Namboothiri, who submitted the RTI application.How can the city flood in a few hours with no drainage, says Namboothiri.He said that giving an inaccurate or deceptive response to RTI questions is a crime.The RTI reply states that major canals in the area, including the Thevara-Perandoor (TP) canal, have been desilted prior to monsoon.

The frequent flooding is due to a lack of proper drainage of drains and canals, according to C K Peter, a former councillor.The mayor asked if the city's officials said the TP canal was desilted.In the last four years, only the removal of hyacinths before the monsoon season has been carried out in the canal.We are unable to invest more money on desilting the canal as a project for rejuvenation of the TP canal under the Atal Project for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation is pending, he said.

There may be opportunities for misappropriation.According to Kureethra, the authorities should check to see if funds have been spent or allotted under the mask of desilting the canal.The Kochi corporation council decided to desilt canals and drains several times a year on Monday.Following the conclusion that annual desilting of canals and drains is ineffective, the decision was taken.

It indicates that at least Rs 10 crore has been allocated to mosquito prevention in the last nine years, except 2016-17, according to the states.Despite this, there is no cure for the mosquito epidemic.