Sadhguru's Save Soil movement has support from the Muslim World League.

The Muslim World League pled its support for the global campaign to Save Soil from destruction . Sadhguru introduced the Save Soil Campaign in March .

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), May 14 : The Muslim World League, one of the most prominent international non-governmental Islamic organizations, pled its support on Saturday for the global campaign to Save Soil from destruction, according to Sadhguru.During his trip to Riyadh on Saturday, he met with Dr Mohammad Bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, Secretary-General of the Muslim World League.When we saw you, we fell in love even more, Sadhguru said during their conversation.Sadhguru introduced the Save Soil Campaign in March, and it is now on a 100-day, 30,000-kilometer lone motorcycle journey across Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East, in an attempt to achieve global consensus on urgent policy-driven measures to save soil from destruction.In his letter to Secretary-General Al-Issa, Sadhguru said that the aim is to show the support of over 3.5 billion people around the world and enable governments to take policy-driven action to restore the soil and prevent further degradation.In many ways, we have found similarities between each other in terms of nationality, race, religion, caste, and creed.

He said, Soil is that one thing.Dr. Al-Issa said that soil is not only an environmental issue, but also a way of uniting humanity, as a Muslim World League representative said.While posing with Sadhguru holding the Save Soil placard, Al-Issa said that we are entirely willing to assist you in any way possible to achieve your goals.You must now come to my house after you expressed your affection, he said.Later that day, Sadhguru shared a few tweets about his successful meeting with the Muslim World League.

May the area be a shining example of commitment to green practices and the long-term health and wellbeing of its inhabitants.#SaveSoil.-Sg @MhmdAlissa @MWLOrgen #SaveSoilRiyadh Sadhguru (@SadhguruJV) May 13, 2022It's gratifying to have the full support of the #MuslimWorldLeague.Rich soil enriches almost every aspect of human life.

#SaveSoil is a hashtag that helps people remember to help protect their environment.Let us make it happen.-Sg @MhmdAlissa@MWLOrgen @IndianEmbRiyadh Sadhguru (@SadhguruJV) May 12, 2022It is amazing to see the #MuslimWorldLeague embrace #SaveSoil.May the region be a shining example of dedication to sustainable ecological solutions and the long-term security & wellbeing of its residents, according to Sadhguru.

Rich soil enriches every aspect of human life.It's time to unite as one Humanity with a singular emphasis on soil regeneration.#SaveSoil.In another tweet, he said, Let us make it happen.

Dr. Mohammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, Saudi Arabia's Environment Minister, also praised the Movement to Save Soil for feeding Saudi Arabia and converting deserts into fertile areas.He saw the desert kingdom as an example to others in the region with fertile soils and actively trying to convert them into deserts, he said.You must put them to shame by seeing it as a particular responsibility, he said.It is extremely important.

During the Middle-East leg of his journey, Sadhguru is expected to visit Bahrain, UAE, and Oman.