Sakshi Malik turns a corner from a crisis of confidence to winning the CWG gold.

Sakshi Malik won gold medal at Commonwealth Games in Glasgow . Malik had been struggling to find form in domestic circuit .

BIRMINGHAM, Mass.— Olympic medalist Sakshi Malik may not have overcome the fear she had experienced during the last two years if she hadn't qualified for the Commonwealth Games.She also thought about retirement.The fears in her mind were understandable as she was losing to her juniors on the domestic circuit and had not gained much traction since capturing the bronze medal at the Rio Olympics six years ago.

Sakshi regained her self-confidence and opened the way to a gold medal winning show here on Friday.Following psychologist appointments, taking handwritten notes of her experiences was also helpful.For a while, my confidence was shattered.My coaches said I was the fittest among seniors and juniors and had all the strength.

Whether it was bad luck or not.After bouncing back from 0-4 to pin Canadas And Godinez Gonzalez, I won the trials (in May), and from there I began to feel confident about my game, Sakshi said.She described the gold medal as her best effort since the Rio Games.I had not won gold in CWG (she had previously won silver and bronze).

It did not bother me when I was 0-4 down.I had won bouts in the Olympics with seconds left, but here I had three minutes left, she said, referring to her double leg move that settled the match.I have been wrestling for 18 years, and I can do it in my sleep as well.I'm so used to it that it comes subconsciously to me.

Now I am at my height in my weight range.In the coming years, I will compete in Asian Games and hope to win a medal, she said.Sakshi has managed to turn it around with the medal in her bag, but she was in the slush when Jitender Yadav took over as the women's national coach in February.Sakshi's mind was filled with self doubt, according to Yadav, who placed all of her hopes on the trials.

It was psychological, nothing else.She felt weak, and that stifled her confidence.She was nowhere to be seen in nationals, so there was definitely a big problem.There was also the fear of failure.

She used to train with heavyweight partners, but I switched it to lightweight partners to help her move.She is the most powerful of the bunch and the most disciplinarian.She said that if I don't get selected, I will pack my bags and go home.It was my job to bring her out of that zone.

She kept the promise.