Saryus' legendary significance is about to be re-established

The Saryu river has a history of identity degradation . The group claims that the river has been inaccurately named Sharda and Ghaghra in official records .

Lucknow is a city in Uttarakhand where the RSS offshoot Lok Bharti and Ayodhya's sant samaj reside.The Saryu river, which originates in Uttarakhand's Bageshwar district and merges into the Ganga in Saran district, has a history of identity degradation.Members of Lok Bharti say that the river has been denied its due date for all these years.On May 11, saints and members of the Lok Bharti performed the rivers abhiskhek (anointment) in Ayodhya from the holy water gathered from the rivers point of origin in Uttarakhand.

Champat Rai of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust received a kamandal full of Saryu water in order to begin using Saryu water for daily rituals and worshipping at Ram temple, according to the group, which claims that the river has been inaccurately named Sharda and Ghaghra in different districts in official records with the intention of dismissing its mythological significance.Lok Bharti said it will reach out to the state government for documents and official records that point out the fault and demand that it be corrected.In parallel, the organization will begin to raise concerns about the river system's history.The group will fly to Saran and perform the puja at the rivers confluence point with the Ganga.

The boards in every district that follows the river will indicate the name of the city.As per the Lok Bharti, Saaryu is also called Vashisht-putri (daughter of sage Vashisht).It was borne at the place called Sau Dhaar in Bageshwar, which also has a Vashist Muni ashram.Due to its location, the river flows into Mansarovar lake.

On its next descent, the river is referred to as Sharda, according to Lok Bharti Sangathan Mantri Brijendra Pal Singh.The river then flows through Tanakpur, Purnagiri, to Pilibhit, in UP.In the official records, it has a dam in Pilibhit and the off-shoots are called Sharda canals.According to Singh, the river takes a different name, Ghagra, when it crosses Lakhimpur Kheri and Bahraich.

The river passes through Gorakhpur, Deoria, and Ballia, before flowing into the Ganga in Saran.