Scarecrow's floating in midair like a ghost has the internet's attention.

Scarecrow levitates and swings at a speed as it is attached to a rod with a cycle bar handle . The video has received more than 74k views on Twitter .

Scarecrows have long been used by farms and orchids to scare away some uninvited birds and crows that might harm the crops.However, some people seem to be able to take it to another level.A video featuring a scarecrow gives an example of this.And, we suspect that the scarecrow not only holds the crows at bay but can also terrify a person's heart.

The weird model was attached to a long rod with a cycle bar handle on one end, according to the eccentric creator.The ghost is moving as it disappears in mid-air as the wind blows.The video, which was shared on Twitter, has received more than 74k views.And, yes, it has ascertainably left many people petrified.One person said, This sure is a good scaremonger, but not sure if it is a scarecrow.I would have bought it to scare my neighbor's child, who always comes up to my porch, according to one comment.Many praised it as the best scarecrow ever, according to another.