Shinde camp declares victory in the 11 gramme panchayat elections in Aurangabad.

Shinde camp won 11 out of 15 gram panchayat polls in Aurangabad district . Results show that the Congress hasnt won even in a single gram panchayat .

Local officials said that the results of the gram panchayat elections in Aurangabad have favored the Eknath Shinde party.The candidates who pledged their love to Shiv Sena's Eknath Shinde camp won 11 out of the 15 gram panchayat polls in Aurangabad district, according to the leaders.Shiv Sena party district president Rajendra Janjal has been appointed by Shinde camp, according to Rajendra Janjal.The gram panchayat results published today reflect the mood of the voters, according to Shinde camp.

Chandrakant Khaire, a four-time former Senas MP, said the party will scrutinize the findings and take the appropriate steps to tackle the problem.Earlier this week, the elections to 271 gram panchayat members were held, and the results were revealed on Friday.State party president Chandrakant Patil claimed that the party has become the first in the gram panchayat elections, according to a statement issued by the BJP.If we take the victory of the coalition supporting chief minister Eknath Shinde as the biggest achievement, Patil said in the statements that the alliances win much more than our opponents.

The Gram panchayat elections on Wednesday marked the first elections faced by the Shiv Senas rebel group, which is currently supporting Shinde camp.According to local Shiv Sena leaders, Aurangabad Wests Shiv Sena rebel MLA Sanjay Shirsats supporters claimed the panchayat in Wadgaon Kolhati of Bajaj Nagar in Waluj has been won.Rebel Shiv Sena MLA Abdul Sattars supporters won Upali, Nanegaon, and Jambhala in Sillod.Agarkanadgaon has been bagged by BJP camp in Gangapur, while Mamdapur has been bagged by Thackeray camp in Gangapur.

The NCP has claimed Khadgaon GP in Paithan, while supporters of Senas rebel MLA Sandeepan Bhumare have won all six GPs in Kherda, Nanegaon, Aapegaon, Agar Nandur, Shevta, and Tanda Budruk have claimed them.