Shripad seeks to expand the cruise tourism industry.

Goa and Mumbai are home to the most number of cruise ships . Goa tourism minister Rohan Khaunte wants to diversify the sector .

Panaji: At India's first ever international cruise tourism conference, Union minister of shipping and tourism is looking at factors such as lower taxation and infrastructure upgrades that could improve cruise and river tourism in the region, according to Minister of State for Tourism Shripad Naik.Naik explained that Goa and Mumbai are home to the most number of cruise ships, and that the Centre is aware of the infrastructure flaws that prevent other cruise lines from making port calls to Indian ports.It's time India takes up cruise travel in a big way.According to him, the government is seriously considering what the barriers are that prevent the industry from reaching its full potential.

Cruise ships and visitors are also determed by the prospect of favorable cruise taxation, lower duty on cruise vessel purchases, lower tax on cruise bookings, and faster immigration and customs clearances, he said.The minister said that attempts are on to find solutions to the above problems in order to sustain the burgeoning industry.In the meantime, Goas tourism minister Rohan Khaunte announced that he hopes to diversify the sector.Goa has traditionally sold tourism along the lines of Sun-Sand-Sea.

We want to make Goa a tech tourism state, according to Khaunte.Both Naik and Khaunte encouraged international cruise lines to operate more vessels from Indian ports, particularly Goa.River cruises have a significant and untapped opportunity.Request that the cruise industry actively participate and communicate their hopes and suggestions.