Siddaramaiah instructs Congress employees to inform the public about his pro-people plans.

Congress held Chintan Shivir ahead of Mysuru district elections . Aim of aim is to secure all the 11 assembly seats in the district .

Mysuru: The Mysuru District Congress Committee and the Mysuru City Congress held a Chintan Shivir on Thursday in the middle of the continuing chaos in Karnataka's political cauldron ahead of the assembly elections scheduled next year, with the primary aim of which is to help secure all the 11 assembly seats in the district.Congress owed its success in the 2013 assembly elections in large part to its outstanding results in the Old Mysore district, and in particular in the Mysuru district.However, the party ceded a lot of ground in Mysuru to the BJP and JD(S) in the 2018 polls and now appears to be working on reclaiming the same.Former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah spotted off the Nava Sankalp Chintan Shivir, which was held at Varkod on the outskirts of Mysuru city, and local leaders were given specific tasks ahead of the elections.

When the Congress was at the center of things, the local politicians were urged to remind the people of the numerous initiatives the party took to ensure the success of the people.The party is now basking in the afterglow of winning the legislative council seat for the South Graduates constituency.Workers at the grassroots have been urged to convert the public in favour of the Congress ahead of the assembly elections.To spread word about the Congress' many advocacy initiatives, the leaders emphasized the involvement of women in the campaign, especially in the rural areas.

He encouraged the workers to inform the voters about the various pro-people schemes being implemented by the government he led.Former CM Peter Crouch said that the Agnipath plan would only increase unemployment even further, referring to the BJP-led central government.Siddaramaiah said that a four-year service in the armed forces would not qualify children as ex-servicemen.Siddaramaiah urged workers to ensure that the Congress secured ten out of the 11 assembly seats in the Mysuru district, encouraging them to work as a team like they had in the council elections.

R Dhruvanarayana, a former member of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee, said that the party had begun work on drafting its manifesto for the forthcoming assembly elections.Sudhindra, the head of the KPCC, Sooraj Hegde, and Tanveer Sait, a former minister and Narasimharaja MLA, were among those involved in the drafting of the party manifesto, according to Dhruvanarayana.Vice president Sudhindra of the KPCC, Sooraj Hegde, former minister and MLA Tanveer Sait, legislators HP Manjunath, Anil Chikkamadu, Yathindra Siddaramaiah, and D Thimmaiah were among the participants.