Significant changes to the makeup of the parl panel mean significant losses for Congress.

Opposition Congress set to lose out on crucial post of Chairmanship of the Standing Committee for Home Affairs . House of Lords Mallikarjun Kharge requested that the position of Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Home Affairs be given to Congress this time .

Payal MehtaNew Delhi, India, September 23: The Parliamentary Standing Committees are set to restructure in the coming days.According to high-profile sources, the biggest opposition Congress is all set to lose out on the crucial post of Chairmanship of the Standing Committee for Home Affairs, which is a Rajya Sabha-chaired panel and a Lok Sabha-chaired panel for Communication and Information Technology.According to a quote from a letter sent by the House of Lords Mallikarjun Kharge, the committees are formed every few years, and it has been a custom to rotate chairmanship accordingly.According to a quote from Kharge, the position of chairman of the committee on home affairs has always been given to the opposition, as per parliamentary conventions.

Although I fully understand that the number of particular parties determines the assignment of Chairpersons to those parties.In a democracy, however, the accommodating understanding or the principle of give-and-take can go a long way toward ensuring the successful functioning of departments such as the Parliament.In this spirit, the Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Home Affairs will be given to Congress again this time.I am ferocious about the acceptance of this principle by our party.

According to reports, the Congress party and Jairam Ramesh are currently chairman of the standing committee for environment and forest, so they are likely to keep that committee and also received a bid from the committee for commerce.During the reconstitution, a variety of other activities are also anticipated.According to a source aware of the situation, the Trinamool Congress will have one committee chairman of food processing, which is Sudip Bandyopadhyay, of any committee in Parliament.We've seen how the Trinamool Congress has treated the BJP in Bengal and it's time for them to get a dose of their own medicine as they have been unkind in their opposition in the state.Professor Ram Gopal Yadav of the Samajwadi party has been serving as the chairman for a long time and is set to be sacked from this commission.

Since the term of the standing committees ended recently, more than 75 Members of Parliament resigned from the Upper House.