Sim swap fraud: more than 100 victims in Delhi

Three people arrested by north Delhi police . Accused of duping customers of a private bank by re-issued their sim cards linked to the bank accounts using fake IDs .

NEW DELHI: Three people were arrested by north Delhi police, who allegedly executed a cartel of crooks who duped customers of a private bank by re-issued their sim cards linked to the bank accounts using fake IDs.The accused targeted over 100 customers by using this tactic of operation, which is also known as sim swap fraud.Sunny Singh, one of the suspects, was arrested in a bank's credit card sales department and was targeting customers with stolen personal data.The other two are Kapil and Pavan.

Following a report forwarded by the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal, cops launched an investigation, finding that the complainant had received a message regarding the reissuance of his sim card without his knowledge, which was followed by another message regarding a password change of his email ID.The perpetrator later discovered that his identity had been reported as stolen and that he had received a new sim card based on his information.He then checked his account report and discovered that someone had taken a Rs 11 lakh loan and transferred Rs one lakh from the loan amount to another account using internet banking.He then filed a lawsuit, and ACP Swagat Rajkumar Patil and inspector Pawan Tomar analyzed the money trail and performed a technical examination of call records related to the number.

The accused were arrested and arrested during a raid.Singh said he had access to the accounts records of the bank from which he obtained details of accounts with lucrative offers.He then took the names of these accounts, including their linked mobile number, email ID, customer address, etc.His associates then forged an ID proof using editing software and received a new sim.