Since the appointment of PM Modi, everyone has heard from India: Naidu, Venkaiah

Venkaiah Naidu said that India is now a force to reckon with . The book is a collection of selected speeches by the Prime Minister .

In a press conference hosted by the Directorate of Publications Division, former Vice President Venkaiah Naidu said on Friday that India is now a force to reckon with and that all can contribute to the recognition of the challenges facing the country.The book is a collection of selected speeches by the Prime Minister, along with Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan and Union Minister Anurag Thakur.Naidu said that the new Prime Minister is hands-on and ensures constant monitoring and delivery.PM Modi can connect with all the citizens of the region with his gift of outstanding communication skills, he said.Naidu recalled a time when the goal of opening crores of bank accounts seemed impossible, but that was quickly achieved thanks to the able leadership of PM Modi.PM Modi understood that achievement of a target was largely dependent on the people's involvement when previously proposed plans were categorized as either Government or political.

India is now a force to reckon with with Prime Minister Modi's arrival, and Indias voice is heard by everyone, according to Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan, who emphasized the Prime Minister's concern for marginalized populations and women empowerment on the occasion, arguing that the twin issues of toilets and water connectivity had necessitated urgent Government intervention for a long time, but had lagging as many governments came and went.Khan said that it was the only government in the country to take up this task on war footing from the start.Speaking in triple talaq, Khan said that demolishing this evil, which has been flourishing for centuries, is no small achievement.Married Muslim women faced the constant threat of divorce, according to Khan, who recalls an anecdote in which Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's inability to grant Muslim women the same rights as Hindu women.

The book contains 86 speeches by the Prime Minister from May 2019 to May 2020 on various topics, according to the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Apurva Chandra, Director General, Directorate of Publications Division, and several other senior officers of the Ministry of Finance were also present.These ten ten broad sections of Aatmanirbhar Bharat illustrate the PMs vision for a New India, which is self-reliant, adaptable, and able to turn challenges into opportunities.The Prime Minister combines leadership qualities, visionary thinking, and foresight with superior communication skills to connect with the audience through his distinctive oratory style.In this book, the same themes are represented.

They may also be purchased online at the Publications Divisions website or the Bharatkosh website.The e-books are also available on Amazon and Google Play.